Kurdistan of Iraq is a safe haven for Christian, Yezedi and Syrian refugees. These have fled the unimaginable brutality of the radical ISIS Islamic forces who’ve swept over much of Iraq. This burgeoning influx of so many refugees has placed an unbelievable strain on the infrastructure of the autonomous Kurdish region; now with over ONE MILLION REFUGEES within its borders. Every school, church, government facility and construction site has been utilized to shelter these persecuted people fleeing for their lives. THIS IS REAL, VERY REAL! It’s a reality that our people living in Kurdistan must face every day. The need is overwhelming. 


People are actually living in unfinished construction sites, on the streets or any available space in public buildings. PCCF Pastor Layth Ibrahim has rallied to the challenge to do our part to bring relief. So far he has been able to help a large number of Christian and Yezedi families who’ve been hardest hit by this invasion.

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Recently Pastor Layth delivered food and supplies to 25 Christian Refugee families sheltering in a school building in a small rural village. This last week he and his people ministered to the needs of Yezedi families throughout the city. 

This current situation in Iraq is a great tragedy … But it’s also a great opportunity! Out of the Chaos of war and death due to wicked men and their selfish agendas; GOD is working HIS plans for good. This will become more apparent in the months to come. The enemy has sought to eradicate Christianity from the Middle East but in trying to do so, GOD has given us an unprecedented opportunity to establish a stronghold in what I believe will soon become a free nation … KURDISTAN.

As a Missionary Endeavor we’re only limited by the response of those who back us.


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Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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