LaDawna McKinnis Returns To Kurdistan Of Iraq

LaDawna McKinnis - HOHFI Project Director, Handicapped Children's Project Domiz Camp.

LaDawna McKinnis – HOHFI Project Director, Handicapped Children’s Project Domiz Camp.

LaDawna McKinnis of PC Fresno, CA is preparing to return to Iraqi Kurdistan to resume her Handicapped Refugee Children’s Project at Domiz Camp, the largest of the Camps in Dohuk Governate for Syrian refugees fleeing the Syrian civil war and ISIS terrorists. Domiz Camp is a huge tent city packed with over 100,000 Syrians, mostly families who’ve lost everything including family members to the ongoing conflict described as the largest humanitarian crisis since WWII.

The Handicapped Children’s project is an original HOHFI proposal suggested to us as an urgent need by the administrative authority of Domiz Camp. LaDawna McKinnis was designated as the overseer for this particular project by HOHFI Iraq’s General Director, Jack Harris.

LaDawna has since built the necessary team to effectively get the project up and running. More amazingly, she’s managed to acquire the use of an operations facility within the already overstretched camp infrastructural resources available. There is no room or available resources for the handicapped kids of the camp, and there are many, simply because of overcrowded classrooms and no available staff to cope with the special needs of these children. LaDawna and her small team are a Godsend. She and her Syrian interpreter, Gulay, not only are able to provide a specialized classroom environment for these children but also have tent-to-tent access to visit with the families of these kids.

Currently, LaDawna is here in the USA with her family and Church. She’s involved with raising the necessary finances to fund the project for the coming year. Our projected budget to accomplish this project over the next twelve months is $35,000. This may not sound like a lot of money but just wait until you see what our girl does with it. Our goal is to raise the whole amount in the next thirty days. Her projected departure date is in October. Please help us reach our goal by investing in this strategic missions project.

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