Humanitarian Mercies


With over 100,000 Syrian refugees living in tents, Domiz Camp is like a huge city of hopelessness. Those living here are are victims through no fault of their own. They’ve fled for their lives from the atrocities of ISIS, from their own government regime’s assault on it’s own civilians, they’ve lost everything but the clothes on their backs and their lives. Many have also come with an even greater burden to add to their nightmare reality, their handicapped children. Some are handicapped because of the war, others because of birth defects or childhood diseases. All are in need of help. The Camps are overrun with needs and they are stretched to the limit. The current middle east refugee crisis, according to the UN is the largest humanitarian crisis since World War II. Many of the needs within the camps are met by NGO’s (non-government organizations) such as HOHFI (Hands Of Hope Foundation International). HOHFI was asked to tackle the problem of the neglected handicapped children of Domiz Camp. The neglect of these marginalized children was not by choice but rather a lack of available resources. HOHFI’s field operative, LaDawna McKinnis of Fresno, CA was assigned the task of directing the project at Domiz Camp. LaDawna is currently in the USA to raise the necessary project funds for this coming year. She’s scheduled to return to Iraq next month. We’re attempting to KICKSTART the project by asking backers to join in and raise this year’s budget for LaDawna and her team in the amount of $35,000. Donation toward the project may be given on line or mailed to,

PRAISE CHAPEL MISSIONS – P.O. BOX 1769 – Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91729

Or to Donate On-line Click or Tap here: DONATE

please designate your gift for LaDawna McKinnis, Handicapped Children Project

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