Correspondence by M.A. Tawfiq to Jack Harris

This report isn’t from the latest Newspaper or Television reportage, it’s from those who are there living out this life and death drama mere miles from the fighting. This is how they see it. 

It was announced by the American leaders of the operation that there will be a cease fire for two days to study the situation and to assess what had been achieved, to strengthen the fighting front and reorganize the units that are participating in the battles.

There has been good progress on the Kurdish side. The Kurdish Peshmerge has taken control of most of the villages and towns that were assigned to them for capture. The Iraqi army and Iraqi police have also made good progress, they have taken control of some of the surrounding villages.

This is the first time in the history that the Kurdish Peshmerge and Iraqi Forces have fought side by side. There is now good cooperation between them.

It was announced that the Shiia militants would not participate but it seems that some of them had disguised themselves and have mingled within Iraqi army units. Most of them are bad people and criminals, they are armed and funded by Iranians and operate under their leadership. 

Only the western side to Syria is open for ISIS to travel through and the Shiia militants claim that they will take control of that side to prevent ISIS fighters from running back into Syria. They are insisting on participation in the battle because they have been ordered to do so by the Iranians. They want to control Mosul and Talafar (a Shiia city west of Mosul). The Iranians want to connect directly with Syria because they want access the sea.

The PKK, Turkish Kurds often opposed to the Iraqi KDP Kurds allied with the USA and Coalition forces, are also used by Iranians for this purpose. The Iranians are patient and persistent in their desire to achieve their goals. They negotiated more than 30 years to achieve their nuclear program. An American journalist talked about this in detail. He mentioned that the ISIS attack on Shingal (Sinjar) and other sectors was by their (Iranian) instruction. The PKK was aware of this because it was a part of the game and it was well prepared for this aim. In contrast, the KDP was not prepared and not armed. It thought that ISIS would not attack Kurdistan because there are about two million Sunni refugees in here. ISIS claims that it is against the Shiia but it isnt. It had destroyed Sunni mosques and cities.

JACK’S FOOTNOTE: Things can become very confusing very quickly to Western readers unfamiliar with the region. In Iraq, ISIS, appears to be very anti-Shiite. This is because much of ISIS in Iraq is SADDAM’S old Baathist army, mostly Sunnis with a Sunni agenda. They were the insurgents in Iraq long before ISIS came rushing on the scene. Paradoxically, much of their funding, weaponry and outside reinforcements came from Iran, their natural enemy. It’s very common over here for enemies to ally themselves for their own advantage. My feeling all along has been that Saddam’s old army would use ISIS and Iran or just about anyone else until they gained control of the Sunni triangle to establish an independent Sunni State. Once they achieved this my expectation would be that they would shed themselves of ISIS and the Iranians

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Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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