Pastor Layth Ibrahim – Praise Chapel Duhok, Kurdistan of Iraq

For the last two months we’d worked on our visas to go to Egypt. It was difficult and in frustration I almost cancelled them several times but I kept feeling that we needed to go there now. When the visas finally came through we departed. The trip was very easy, we arrived Cairo and we stay at Marian’s Home. 

(Marian is a young Egyptian woman that Pastor Layth led to the LORD many years ago.)

So, when anyone asks me, “What are you doing here in Egypt?” my answer is, “I really don’t know.” 

Then, after two days had passed, a pastor came to visit Marian’s family. He started to share with me about his ministry. While he is speaking the Holy Spirit told me, “Remember when Pastor Larry asked the people attending the World Conference,” 

“Who will plant a church in this year?”

 So, the church which we (Praise Chapel Duhok, Kurdistan of Iraq) will plant this year is in Cairo, Egypt! God has given me a huge number of people here, they are not going to any church. So, I told myself, “Layth there is another church waiting you here in Cairo.”

I asked the pastor to prepare a meeting for me with these families. This pastor didn’t have a church and he is not working with any church. So we met in his home. We went and God blessed us very much. The people are very active and they are very interested to have a church of their own to belong to and to receive good teaching. I start with them next week. I will rent a hall and invite 100 people to have a revival. 

Please pray with us as we plant a Praise Chapel church in Cairo.

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