A Special Need For A Special Man

I have known Sam and Grace Sivarajah for 38 years and have ministered at their invitation in Malaysia many times. Over all these years the Sivarajah’s and their church have stood firm and facilitated the Gospel in their country. They and their people have been through hell and back and yet have never wavered. Their’s is a productive and fruitful work. 

As a boy, Pastor Sam lost one of his legs in a train accident. All his adult life he’s struggled with an inadequate prosthetic leg. This has greatly contributed to the health problems he now suffers. But this has never stopped him. Below, I share with you his email I received this last month. 

Pastor Sam was hospitalized but for the lack of funds could not continue his stay. He and his family have been overwhelmed by the medical expense. If enough of us contribute to this need it can be shared by all of us without it being a great burden on any. The need is for $5000 US. I plan to give the first $1000. The only reason I mention this is to assure you that I’m doing my part as well and not trying to dump the responsibilities of the burden on you all. Together we can do this and relieve an indigenous family who’ve faithfully labored for the Lord all these years in their nation. Thank you for your kind and prayerful consideration. 

Sincerely in Jesus,

Jack L. Harris


Dear Rev. Jack Harris

I take this opportunity to thank you for constantly praying for my health and speedy recovery. Covering me with your prayers has helped me to be back on my feet. Here is a brief report on my health situation. As you are aware, I was hospitalized for a month for urinary tract infection and serious Para – thyhoid. The high fevers had caused a serious blood clot, thrombosis, in my portal vein. The medications that were prescribed to me by the doctors removed the smaller clots at the lower end of the vein. But the clot further up on the vein is still there. I have exhausted more than RM60,000 and was forced to be discharged. The doctors have put me on warfarin and plavix to thin the blood to dissolve the clot and there is no improvement. I have to go week after week to check the INR reading but it remains the same till today. If the clot is not dissolved it can damage the other organs.

The doctors suggested that I re-admit myself in the hospital for two weeks for them to treat me, monitoring the medications to help dissolve the clot It will cost about RM30,000 which is USD5,000. Honestly the church and the family are exhausted financially. Weekly consultation and medications costs about RM1,000.

Therefore, I humbly request your constant fervent prayer and that you help me out with the medical bills. It’s not an obligation but an act of love. Please don’t get offended at my request. I have served the Lord for 45 years and still will push through to go forward even in my weakness. I appreciate your fervent prayers, financial support and advice.

God bless your good heart.


Dr. Sam   



Donate Online: use our Donate Page

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