The Birth Of A Nation


In that day shall Israel be the third with Egypt and with Assyria, even a blessing in the midst of the land: 25 Whom the LORD of hosts shall bless, saying, Blessed be Egypt my people, and Assyria the work of my hands, and Israel mine inheritance. (Isaiah 19:24-25)

When I first went to Kurdistan of Iraq back in 2004 the Lord had given me a prophetic scripture. At the time I didn’t fully understand it; the Isaiah 19 Prophecy concerning a future coalition between three nations in the Middle East. Egypt, Assyria and Israel.

I did understand that Kurdistan of Iraq was located within the territorial boundaries of ancient Assyria. Our church is only 28 miles from the ancient Assyrian Capital of Nineveh.

Once there, I became familiar with the history of the region, ancient and modern. As I became familiar with the Kurdish vision for independence, their connection with Israel and events unfolding in Egypt, I began to understand the Isaiah 19 prophecies of our Bible.

For the last 10 years or more I’ve been telling those who follow our work in Northern Iraq that the Kurds were going to break away from the rest of Iraq and form an independent nation.


(Text Dialogue; between Layth Ibrahim & Jack Harris)

Layth: Everything here is at a stop. Almost all life is on hold. We are all waiting until September for the declaration of Kurdistan’s “Independence Day.”

The marketplace has come to a stop. Nobody wants to buy anything big. Only their food and basic necessities.

Iran has become crazy, The Mullah leadership has started to move there in opposition to Kurdish independence.

America give Iran a “Hot” warning. Thousands of American army and Russian too are in Syria.

One of these Mullahs here in Kurdistan (he is the Chief of the Muslim Movment in Irbil) said,

“Everything the Christians have (in Kurdistan) will be for the benefit of the USA.”

He said this on Facebook. Some people here don’t like the idea of Kurdish independence.

  • Jack: That’s true, Radical Muslim’s like bondage to their religious political system and binding everyone else to it. This is and always has been their agenda.

Layth: The Iraqi Government gave the green light to Kurdistan to do it, Israel too!

We are watching many Conferences taking place here in Kurdistan with KRG President Barazani and his Sons.

Also, 300,000 IDP people have just returned to Mosul.

  • Jack: Did they return to their homes because they felt it safe or are they concerned about trouble over Kurd’s independence? What about ISIS?

Layth: No, they said Mosul has been liberated but there are still some cities around it that are occupied.

I think Kurdistan needs to do some cleanup operations in the region and prepare the situation here before the September declaration.

Also the Iraqi government needs to see their City (Mosul) returned back to them, not to anyone else.

Some agreements have been made between Kurdistan and Iraq. Especially concerning the Oil.

  • Jack: Is there a date for independence?

Layth: The Referendum for it is in September. All the people will say yes then it will done.

A binding independence referendum for Iraqi Kurdistan has been scheduled to be held on 25 September 2017. It was originally planned to be held in 2014 amidst controversy and dispute between the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) and the federal government of Iraq.

Longstanding calls for Kurdish independence gained impetus following the Northern Iraq offensive by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant in which Baghdad-controlled forces abandoned some areas, which were then taken by the Peshmerga and controlled de facto by the Kurds.

The referendum was announced and delayed on several occasions as Kurdish forces co-operated with the Iraqi central government for the liberation of Mosul, but by April 2017 it was being seen as happening some time in 2017. On 7 June 2017, President Masoud Barzani held a meeting with the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), the Kurdistan Islamic Union (KIU), the Kurdistan Islamic Movement (KIM), the Kurdistan Communist Party, the Kurdistan Toilers Party, the Kurdistan Toilers and Workers Party, the Kurdistan Development and Reform Party, the Erbil Turkmen List, the Iraqi Turkmen Front, the Turkmen Development Party, the Armenian List in the Kurdistan Parliament, the Assyrian Democratic Movement and the Assyrian Chaldean Popular Council, where the independence referendum was confirmed to be held on 25 September 2017. The Iraqi government declared victory over the Islamic State in Mosul on July 10, 2017, drawing the Northern Iraq offensive to a close and paving the way for the referendum.

Jack Harris

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Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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