Upper Egypt Village Outreach

Six Villages, 500 Kids

After two huge Women’s Impacts in Upper Egypt where thousands were touched and hundreds saved, our “Boots On The Ground” continue on with followup ministry.

Just this week as the school season starts off in Egypt, the team organized and executed an outreach to six different villages in Upper Egypt. They brought in school supplies for the kids and the message of the Good News of Jesus. These demonstrations of Christ’s love are very effective in opening the region to the message of Jesus. They’re also a great encouragement to the Churches of the Region. Egypt is a very poor nation with a huge population. There are over 9.153 million in Cairo alone, Upper Egypt, has 40 percent of the country’s almost 96 million population, it is where 80 percent of the severe poverty is concentrated. Yet it’s here that God has led us to focus our ministry. As we’ve already seen, we’ve been met with a huge response,


We’re planning to continue these outreaches over the next couple of months as we work toward the summer when we plan to go in for a major impact. A HEALING-SALVATION MIRACLE CRUSADE and a YOUTH CAMP all at the same time. We also anticipate taking a large Impact group from Praise Chapel in with us this August. This will be a major endeavor, our largest yet. We believe our efforts will bare a rich harvest of souls, our largest yet in the M.E.

Remember that which has already been Written In The Scriptures,

“Of whom The Lord of Hosts will say, Blessed be Egypt my People.”

We have a strategy, we’re already in motion, this is a Spiritual Opportunity to reap a great harvest of souls. For all you Kingdom minded people this is the time and place to make difference. Like most major endeavors there’s a lot in planning and labor going on behind the scenes, our indigenous workers need to be upheld. We do need you to stand with us each month to make all this unfold. You will see Fruit for your investment and you’ll rejoice in what you’ve helped to accomplish. I’m very confident in this.

Thank You So Much For Your Vision and Faithfulness,

Jack Harris,

Published by Jack Harris | JHmin.com

Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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