Two Incredible Stories Out Iraq

Three Families From Baghdad looking for a Christian Church

After our Sunday service we were sitting in the garden area of our church when three families came to us and asked if it would be alright to look at the church (in Iraq many non-Christians are told they would be unwelcome in Christian Churches).

As they came in I had them sit and talked with them for an hour and a half about what they had missed concerning Jesus in the Quran. They became very happy and asked if I could give them a Bible. I told them, God sent you from Baghdad to here in Kurdistan, to this Church, so that you could hear this message. They thanked me and said, You have not only helped us, but you have shown us love. I will be contacting them and following up on them when they return to Baghdad. -Pastor Layth Ibrahim

This story is more and more typical of what is happening in Iraq. Out of the continued turmoil and upheaval in the nation more and more people are seeking answers from the Born again Christians of the region.

Beauty For Ashes

Another incredible story from Pastor Layth.

Out of the aftermath of terrible tragedy this young man found Jesus.

His whole family was slaughtered by ISIS when they were in control of the area. In his brokenness he opened his heart to Jesus and found him. He came to Kurdistan looking for a new beginning and for a Church where he could serve God. The Lord led him straight to our church where he confirmed his faith by receiving water baptism, a powerful statement of commitment in the Middle East; one that can cost you your life.

Years ago we foresaw these times; when people in Iraq and the Middle East would come of their own volition seeking HIM of whom they’d heard but hadn’t known. That hope is now a reality as more and more people come seeking and turning to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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