New PC Church In Egypt!

Revival Explosion in Upper Egypt

While in Cairo, Egypt, finishing his Master’s degree, Pastor Layth Ibrahim of Praise Chapel, Duhok, N. Iraq, met a man from Al Qusiyah in Upper Egypt. His name is Rezek; he was excited about what pastor Layth was sharing with him, concerning our vision for evangelism and revival in the Middle East. He said, Could you take some time to come to Al Qusiyah, I’d like to show you something there that I think you’d be very interested in seeing. Layth’s response was an immediate yes. When their business in Cairo finished, they left for Al Qusiyah.

Rezek and Ne’ ama, his wife, both work for the Egyptian Government. They’d started a small group in their city that suddenly blossomed into a genuine revival and an explosion of growth. Soon they had to rent two apartments in an old apartment building and had to remodel and join them to accommodate what God was doing. 

They’d been running the work with their own limited personal finances and were feeling the weight of the burden. They felt they were about as far as they could go by themselves. Then they met Layth.

Pastor Layth preached for them while he was there, and this ended in an invitation to come in and help them, which he accepted. They’ve since been working together back and forth between Egypt and Iraq with continued success.

Layth and Ilham are on their way this month to Al Qusiyah to work with the church there. They’ll stay there for one month at a time and then return to their church in Duhok. The plan is for them to travel back and forth to Egypt to establish this new Church in Al Qusiyah while Pastor Raad and his wife watch over the main church in Duhok and the new baby church in Zakho.

Rezek and Ne’ ama liked what we bring to the table. They and their people decided to become a part of PCglobal, making this our first Church Plant in Egypt. 

I want to be clear; our help was not contingent on this decision to join us, we’d have gladly helped anyway, but they’ve decided that they’d like to partner with PCglobal to reach all of Egypt. The revival here is unprecedented; this is the REAL THING!


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Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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