A Lying Spirit Of Deception On The Loose

Jack Harris – December 7, 2020

And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. – 2 Thes 2:12

And you He made alive, who were dead in trespasses and sins, in which you once walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the power of the air, the spirit who now works in the sons of disobedience, – Eph 2:1-2

There’s a toxic spiritual atmosphere of lies and deception covering the whole earth today; It’s a spirit, a spirit of delusion, of untruth or truth distorted beyond recognition. It’s a demonically inspired Windstorm, leaving in its wake Chaos, Division and Destruction with an eye toward destabilization. Its deliberate purpose is to create a prevailing atmosphere of confusion, distrust, fear and disharmony at every level, here at home, and abroad.

In the Bible, satan is portrayed as the Arcon (ruling prince and authority) of the air or atmosphere. It’s the ambience of the age, the constantly prevailing thoughts or outlook of the current world system of this age, which is drawing toward its climax. It’s literally, the prevailing atmosphere of the times. Just like the pollution and smogs of the Industrial Age, its been with us so long we scarcely notice it, though it’s slowing killing us and the planet we call home.

So powerfully deceptive and authoritative is its influence over the hearts and lives of people, that they will listen to its voice and conform to its suggestion almost without question. It’s on the NEWS, it must be true, right? Even in the lives of believers, its voice is more compelling than the Word of God we claim to believe. This deception comes with consequences; to use the scriptures, We’ve sown the Wind and we’re about to reap the Whirlwind (you need to really think about that one).

Like most things the devil does; there’s cunning tainted with insanity. Make no mistake about it, the nature of evil is always Sociopathic and Psychopathic. My question is, have you really listened to the voices of those you’re empowering by your support of their agendas? There are things being said by Public Officials that the rest of us would be arrested and prosecuted for as hate speech.

This evil, and it’s lies, that I’m talking about, manifests on both sides of the fence, it’s non-Partisan in nature.

Accusation and finger-pointing are swirling back-and-forth creating a literal spinning vortex of untruth and confusion; like a Super-Tornado sweeping erratically to and fro across the political and social landscape, it’s destroying everything in its path. It is the Spirit of the Age

Truth will out, it always does; but, as is often the case, not before irreparable damage is done and the facts finally emerge.

My words may have little or no bearing for those of a secular mind, but for those of you who are believers, who believe that the Almighty rules from above over all below, this is a time to pause, to regroup our thoughts and lay them out before the Lord and ask him to help us to see as he sees.

Psalms 50: 21 – “These things you have done and I kept silence; You thought that I was just like you; I will reprove you and state the case in order before your eyes.

We tend to think that God‘s political persuasion is the same as our own and we cast him into that role.

Joshua of old made a similar mistake in his assumptions as he and his people were about to attack ancient Jericho.He was indeed following the directions of the Lord and going against this fortress city between his people and the promised land.

What a mistake it is; the assumption that God’s point of view and agenda are identical to our own. So many throughout history have made the same assumption only to be bitterly disappointed to discover this was not the case.

During our American Civil War both sides prayed to the same God for victory in battle. Be assured that God loved both sides, the soldiers of the North and of the South. What they and we often fail to see is that this isn’t just about our cause or views, this is about the direction and course that will unfold through history and how it serves God‘s ultimate purpose. Frankly, this is often outside our capacity for understanding. We tend to see through the lens of our own viewpoints and desires.

His Catholic majesty, the King of Spain was astonished at the sinking of his mighty armada sent against England during the time of Elizabeth. His despairing cry was, Why Lord? I don’t understand! I am the righteous one, the one that’s on God’s side not the English.

Joshua is standing on the plain before Jericho, probably to reconnoiter the city for the coming battle. As he’s pondering the city, suddenly he sees another person out there in the field with him, sword drawn. He doesn’t recognize this strange warrior and I’m certain he felt intimidated. He says, Are you with us, or our enemies?

It’s the classic question we all ask when we’re in times of conflict with opposing forces, Who’s side are you on?

This Strange Warrior answers him and says, No, but as the Captain of the Lord’s Host I am come.

One translation says, neither instead of no; but to my understanding, this encounter and its meaning has always been, This isn’t just about you and your people, this is about God’s Will and unfolding purposes that flow out into what we call history.

To be clear, Yes, this is about Joshua, about Israel and God‘s purpose in and through the nation that he’s formed of these people. But there’s more here; call it an attitude adjustment or a shift in perspective. Joshua sees this and responds appropriately; he says, What does my Lord command?

Joshua gets it, and then responds; the Captain of the Lord’s Host then answers him and says,Take your shoes off, for the place you are standing on is holy ground. In other words, This isn’t just about you this is about God. Joshua rightly positions himself and adapts to this posture.

I know this may come as a major shock to many of you, but God is not a Republican; nor is he a Democrat. He is the Lord; we do well to remember that. He’s the one who sees the end from the beginning. Though we’re often loath to admit it, He has people in both camps; and as with most human issues, they often serve a variety of compartmentalized agendas. That is to say, We have the ability to espouse and reveal one facet of our beliefs, persuasions and desires, while putting the more unsavory issues attached to them away, out of mind and out of sight, in our private desk drawers.

These are poisonous and unpalatable times, no mistaking that. So what’s the answer? How do we respond? With more questions? With more accusations? With more blame shifting?

In my opinion, my considered opinion, this is a time for soul-searching, heartfelt prayer; a looking to the Lord for both answers and for help. I’m not talking about a limp-wristed pacifism; but for self-control and waiting on God, before drawing premature conclusions.

The mocker will say, I don’t believe in an interventionist God. Well I do! And I feel he will intervene with the truth; He is always about truth; maybe not the truth we want to hear but truth none the less.

What is truth? the cynic asks. Do you really want an answer? Well then, it’s a no brainer; Jesus said, I am the truth.

The children of Israel have come to a place in the wilderness called Marah, They’ve traveled through the desert wilderness, they’re out of water and they’re desperate. When they arrive at Marah, they find water but it’s bitter, unpalatable, they can’t drink it.

They’re disappointed, they’re angry, at Moses and at God, for bringing them here, this place of disappointment, of poisonous waters; but there’s an important lesson for them here, and for all of us, life is seldom ideal, sometimes the places we find ourselves in can look very unpromising. God is not taken by surprise, not in the least, he sees potential where there is none to our understanding. He’s not mad at his people for their disappointment; it’s their failure to place their trust in him. Is God bigger and the poisonous waters and circumstances that seem to be our only resource? We’re about to see.

The Lord shows Moses a certain tree and he commands him; Cast that tree into the waters and they’ll be made sweet. Moses obeys and the result is just as God said; the people are refreshed in a place of impossibility. Isn’t this, in reality, what this is all about?

We, who read our Bibles, understand that this tree wasn’t some kind of magic bullet solution. It was an Old Testament type, looking forward to the coming redemption purchased by Christ on the Cross.

Fairy Tales, some will say. Hebrew mythology, nothing more. Really?

1 Cor 1:18 – For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.

The cynical and the skeptic are going to do what they do and believe what they choose to believe. But for us who believe in the word of God and in Jesus Christ, this is the time to cast the tree of God’s provision into the bitter waters.

My mother, in a time when I was facing one of my greatest crisis to that point, once told me; Jack, you can’t defend yourself against liars.

So it is with the spirit that has laid hold of this portion of history. Lies, deliberate fabrications or distortions of truth. Accusations and counter accusations, blame, anger, wrath … as Abe Lincoln once said, you can wrestle with a skunk, and you may win, but you won’t come up smelling good.

Right, will come out right, if we place our trust in the One who is truly righteous. They that wait upon God shall never be ashamed.

Published by Jack Harris | JHmin.com

Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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