Praise Chapel Honored at Kurdistan Award Ceremony

The occasion was the celebration of the anniversary of the Kurdish Mahabad Republic, established in Northeastern Iran after the collapse of the Iranian Central Government at the beginning of the Cold War. It was short lived, lasting from January through December 1946. It was the first attempt at Kurdish Nationalism and the establishment of Kurdistan. 

Qazi Muhammed establishing the Mahabad Republic

The Mahabad Republic was dissolved and its leadership executed when the Iran Central Government reformed and reasserted itself. It was the end of the attempted Republic but not the Kurdish dream for Kurdistan. 

Pastors Layth and Ilham being interviewed for Kurdistan Television

Pastors Layth and Ilham Ibrahim were invited to the ceremony organized by the Foundation of Kurdistan Flag Protection. The Celebration was attended by the Governor of Duhok Governorate and a number of prominent members of the Kurdistan Regional Government, the KDP, and the Kurdistan Woman’s Union. 

The Ibrahim’s received two plaques in appreciation for their efforts and those of Praise Chapel for services and humanitarian efforts rendered over the years in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. 

Governor Tatar presents award to Pastor Layth and Ilham.

One Award is from the Governor’s Office, presented by the Governor himself.

The other is from the Foundation Of Kurdistan Flag Protection, it reads; 

A Discretionary gift for the Honorable Pastor Layth W. Ibrahim. In appreciation for your help and Continuous work in all areas: Especially your love for the Homeland and Humanity. We desire people like you, to be always prominent and high, like the Flag of Kurdistan.

There was also a presentation video featuring our work and that of Praise Chapel in Kurdistan. 

  • Our Village Housing & Reconstruction projects
  • Refugee & IDP Relief projects 
  • Medical Outreaches organized and led by Dr. Robert Doe
  • Our USA Churches hosting Kurdish dignitaries 
  • The presentation of Kurdistan in our International Conferences 
  • Our Kurdistan “Freedom” promotional T shirts provided by our Elevate youth. 

It’s a short but powerful video for those who’d like to watch it; it’s in Kurdish but many scenes are in English, it’s easy to follow. Here’s the Link on Facebook: 




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