Our new Church building in Al Qusia, Upper Egypt

Here’s Our Marvelous Story! “God’s Intervention in the Darkest Times!”

This story begins with a shocking call from the owner of the rented building we use for our church. He called and told me, I am selling the building,

“You must move out in 40 days.”

At first I was utterly shocked! What would we do? Where could we go, especially on such short notice?

As I prayed, I came to understand that God was preparing something better for us. We had already filled our old building to capacity and were holding multiple services to accommodate the harvest the Lord has given us.

I asked all my friends to pray with us about this, we needed a miracle!

As I began to look for another building, I found myself in a critical situation, I had no choice in the matter, but to find a new building for our people, one that could accommodate our needs; it seemed impossible on such short notice.

Ideally, it should be located in a majority Christian neighborhood, on a wide street, in a new region, with enough space for a large auditorium to accommodate the harvest coming in here. We also needed a suitable rental agreement, not less than two years, but preferably from three to five years at a price we could afford.

When we talked with the property brokers, they told us, This is impossible, but we will try.

The first shock we faced was rental costs the property owners were asking. They were way beyond our financial capabilities, these rental prices were impossible for our congregation to maintain.

We continued our search, putting our trust in our God of Impossibilities. At last we found a place, a three story building, perfect for our needs but unfinished on the interior. The owner said he would rent to us at a price we could afford but we would be responsible to finish the interior at our own cost.

Here’s what happened next

We had a verbal agreement with the owner, but when we went to meet him the next day to sign the contract we found that he had raised the price to a third higher than what we had agreed upon. Here was another big obstacle blocking us.

We also found out that he had asked a Muslim friend of his to be a witness to the contract. I took down the name of this man and discovered that he is a friend to one of my closest Muslim friends, I called my friend and told him our story.

This actually worked for our good! My friend talked with this Muslim man, who in turn spoke to the owner. He turned out to be the Key of blessing to open the building for us. Praise God !!!

The next day we agreed on the terms of the contract. We got the rental agreement for the price we could afford as well as a five year contract. Our part of the agreement is that we will finish the unfinished interior of the building.

This actually works to our advantage as we can configure the building to meet the needs of our Church. At last, we can have a large auditorium to accommodate all our needs as well as classrooms. Best of all, it’s a three story building with plenty of room to expand as we grow.

The last part of the miracle!

We need your prayers and support to be able to finish the first floor before our deadline which is May 1st. After that we can continue to finish the second and third floor without being pressured. How great is our God!!!

Thank You for your love and prayers, for your readiness to support our outpouring of the Holy Spirit here in Egypt.

Pastor Rezk Melek, Praise Chapel, Al Qusia, Upper Egypt

“Except the Lord build the house, they that labor, labor in vain.”

Dear Friends this is an emergency situation, one we weren’t expecting. With Pastor Rezk, I feel that the Lord is in this, to turn this around for our good. We are experiencing a miracle of Revival and Growth. Best of all, it’s spreading, Egypt is our Miracle in the Middle East. We have no alternative but to appeal for your assistance; this is a need that is far beyond the capacity of our Egyptian Brethren. Kindly pray and consider helping us meet this urgent need. – Jack Harris, PC Missions, JHMinistries

IT WILL COST $18,000




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Jack Harris is an Ordained Minister, PCI Missionary Evangelist and Humanitarian Aid Director. He is the founder and director of Jack Harris Ministries, an international outreach ministry.

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