The Extinction Of Christianity In The Middle East?

There’s been a lot of News talk about the extinction of Christianity throughout the Middle East. Not just the persecution of Christians but an apparent attempt to eradicate them from the land.

Iraq “Within A Yard Of Hell”

The Syria/Iraq Refugee and IDP Crisis is the largest Humanitarian issue since WWII. Many have predicted the extinction of Christianity in Iraq. This short video presentation paints an entirely different picture. It reveals a fresh new birth of faith out of the fires of persecution. This has always been the legacy of the Faith

Mattresses & Bedding for IDP’S of Dohuk, N. Iraq

It’s winter in northern Iraq with snow and freezing temperatures PCCF Pastor Layth Ibrahim and his team work within the Syrian refugee camps in the area and with the thousands of Iraqi IDP’S in the city of Dohuk who are living in public buildings, construction sites or on the streets. Layth and his people haveContinue reading “Mattresses & Bedding for IDP’S of Dohuk, N. Iraq”

Angelina Jolie Left ‘Speechless’ After Visit to Iraqi Refugee Camp | TIME

Angelina Jolie Left ‘Speechless’ After Visit to Iraqi Refugee Camp | TIME ‘I have seen nothing like the suffering I’m witnessing now,’ she writes in the New York Times


Pastor Layth has been working in the Refugee Camps as well as helping large numbers of IDPs scattered throughout Duhok. Those who are coming to Christ in the camps are mainly from Sinjar; where the Yezedis were trapped by ISIS for months atop Mt. Sinjar. Those who escaped made their way through great danger, traveling mostlyContinue reading “50 YEZEDIS SAVED IN THE CAMPS!”