UPDATE: Relief For 420 Refugee Families

A significant impact is being made in Iraq in the city of Duhok as PCI Pastor Layth Ibrahim and team reach out to the thousands of refugees in the area. There are 420 families taking shelter in Duhok’s school buildings. These families are now being supplied with food and basic necessities to help them surviveContinue reading “UPDATE: Relief For 420 Refugee Families”

Pastor Layth’s Vision

Pastor Layth Ibrahim shares his vision for our church in Kurdistan. While millions are displaced from their homes or are trying to get out of the Middle East altogether, Layth and his family are standing strong on their faith and see a great opportunity for the future of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God.Continue reading “Pastor Layth’s Vision”

Foundation Laid PCCF Multipurpose Worship Center Iraq

“…the street shall be built again, and the wall, even in troublous times.” (Daniel 9:25)      While others may see only the massive turmoil going on in Syria and Iraq, we see things through a different lens, that of God’s Word. Before I write further I’d like to remind my readers that our teamContinue reading “Foundation Laid PCCF Multipurpose Worship Center Iraq”