MOVIE CLICK HERE ​​​ PRAISE CHAPEL DUHOK, KURDISTAN N. IRAQ DEC. 2016 Thanks to a very generous contribution from one of our partners we were able to open our new worship hall in time for Christmas. I don't think the significance of this in this part of the world is something anyone could miss.  And … Continue reading FIRST CHRISTMAS SERVICE IN NEW WORSHIP HALL


An Iraqi operation to recapture the city of Mosul, the last stronghold of the so-called Islamic State (IS) in the country, has started. Artillery began firing on the city early on Monday, in a long-awaited assault from Kurdish Peshmerga, Iraqi government and allied forces. Tanks are now moving towards the city, which has been held … Continue reading THE BATTLE FOR MOSUL BEGINS


SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES Article by Robert French William Branham, a man greatly used of God, made a statement in the later years of his ministry to this effect, the great healing crusades will come to an end and following them there will be a great time of teaching ministry, that will be followed by another … Continue reading SIGNS, WONDERS, MIRACLES

It Can’t Happen Here!

Article by Robert French As I observe the trends in the United States today, and watch the political scene, I can't help but wonder how long it will be before what is happening in other countries will be a reality in our own. I know I cannot speak for everyone, but I think believers in … Continue reading It Can’t Happen Here!

Ten Years After

Ten Years After Because of a complaint by a Yezedi Parliament Member concerning the "Destruction" of her culture by Christian evangelism, we are no longer allowed to minister in the Refugee camps. Our humanitarian aid is still welcomed but not our beliefs. This is a set back, nothing more. The refugees we've touched live in … Continue reading Ten Years After