All of us have felt the effects of the hyper-inflation that has affected the worldwide economy, but it’s the poor nations that feel its impact most keenly. This is especially true for many families in Upper Egypt. Despite having to move our church to a new location and cope with the inflated construction costs toContinue reading “EGYPT: ONGOING FOOD & CLOTHING DISTRIBUTION FOR FAMILIES”

Middle East Update: July-August 2021 SPECIAL REPORT

We have several very important ongoing projects in Egypt and Iraq; here’s a brief overview of what’s in progress now. The video reports are brief, (1 to 2 minutes each) and are downloadable for congregational or small group viewing. I. Covid Pandemic Relief:  Al Qusia, Upper Egypt – Essential Food, Supplies & Medicine Distribution II.Continue reading “Middle East Update: July-August 2021 SPECIAL REPORT”


30 WOMEN COME TO CHRIST! Our third Women’s Revival meeting took place in Okela, a Village in Upper Egypt about 150 kilometers from Al Minya. Pastors Habib and Heyam ministered to 150 women who gathered at the Church there. 30 Women received Christ as their Savior. Many needs were met as Habib and Heyam prayedContinue reading “EGYPT WOMEN’S REVIVAL 3rd MEETING – OKELA VILLAGE”

Praise Chapel Honored at Kurdistan Award Ceremony

The occasion was the celebration of the anniversary of the Kurdish Mahabad Republic, established in Northeastern Iran after the collapse of the Iranian Central Government at the beginning of the Cold War. It was short lived, lasting from January through December 1946. It was the first attempt at Kurdish Nationalism and the establishment of Kurdistan.  TheContinue reading “Praise Chapel Honored at Kurdistan Award Ceremony”