The team and I departed Cairo for Al Minya in Upper Egypt by Van, about a four hour drive. On the way we were stopped at a Police check point. When they discovered we were American Citizens they insisted on escorting us to our destination to assure our safe arrival. Once here, I came downContinue reading “AL MINYA – 1st VILLAGE SERVICES”


REPORT BY: Pastor Layth Ibrahim Yesterday we hosted a Bible Conference for Pastors & Workers here at Praise Chapel in Duhok. Most of the Churches here in Kurdistan came with their people as well as new people attending for the first time. Dr. Maher Samuel from Egypt was our Speaker. He speaks at most churchesContinue reading “KURDISTAN, IRAQ 200 GATHER FOR BIBLE CONFERENCE IN DUHOK”

Upper Egypt: First Shipment of Bibles Delivered

THANK YOU! The first shipment of the Arabic Bibles we ordered has come in. Pastor Rezk has already started distributing them to our people and those who need them. These Bibles will be given to those we’re touching with our Village Outreaches throughout Upper Egypt, as well as new believers now participating in our manyContinue reading “Upper Egypt: First Shipment of Bibles Delivered”

EGYPT WOMEN’S REVIVAL Alkom Alhmer Village

17 WOMEN RECEIVE CHRIST! Pastor Habib traveled to Alkom Alhmer, about 150 kilometers from Al Minya. There he met with 90 women who gathered at the church where the meeting was held and the Spirit of God moved powerfully among them. Habib described the service there as, “A very enthusiastic day,” of worship, prayer andContinue reading “EGYPT WOMEN’S REVIVAL Alkom Alhmer Village”


30 WOMEN COME TO CHRIST! Our third Women’s Revival meeting took place in Okela, a Village in Upper Egypt about 150 kilometers from Al Minya. Pastors Habib and Heyam ministered to 150 women who gathered at the Church there. 30 Women received Christ as their Savior. Many needs were met as Habib and Heyam prayedContinue reading “EGYPT WOMEN’S REVIVAL 3rd MEETING – OKELA VILLAGE”

Winter Blankets – Upper Egypt

CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO It’s cold in Upper Egypt right now. We don’t usually think of cold weather when we think of Egypt but it can get very cold here and without much in the way of heating in the homes, warm blankets are a real blessing. The prominent figure in the photos isContinue reading “Winter Blankets – Upper Egypt”

An Outreach Near Mosul

ISIS has been purged from Mosul but there are still dangerous and hostile elements there that target Christians, Kurds and Yazidis. Recently our team ventured across the Kurdistan border to an “Undisclosed” area near Mosul where lives are still reeling under the impact and devastation they’ve experienced over the last few years. The story speaksContinue reading “An Outreach Near Mosul”

Amazing Photos from PC Duhok, Kurdistan of Iraq

Recent photos from our Church in Duhok. They speak for themselves concerning the Children now being touched, the ongoing Outreaches and relief to Refugees and IDPs as well as new baptisms every month as more and more people come to JESUS CHRIST. Looks like Christianity isn’t extinct in Iraq after all. Don’t you love itContinue reading “Amazing Photos from PC Duhok, Kurdistan of Iraq”