REPORT IRAQ: A MIRACLE IN THE MIDDLE EAST| an exciting update concerning PC Duhok, Kurdistan of Iraq. Revival and the Current Situation in Storehouse Presentation Photostory format. TAP or CLICK on photo

Mattresses & Bedding for IDP’S of Dohuk, N. Iraq

It’s winter in northern Iraq with snow and freezing temperatures PCCF Pastor Layth Ibrahim and his team work within the Syrian refugee camps in the area and with the thousands of Iraqi IDP’S in the city of Dohuk who are living in public buildings, construction sites or on the streets. Layth and his people haveContinue reading “Mattresses & Bedding for IDP’S of Dohuk, N. Iraq”

IRAQ SITUATION REPORT: A Kurdish Perspective

The following report is from Mamdijwar (code name) in Kurdistan of Iraq. The code name is to protect our Kurdish personnel. Mamdijwar is a retired Peshmerga Resistance Fighter; he and his comrades fought for Kurdish liberty against the Ba’athist Regime of Saddam Hussein.