Upper Egypt Village Outreach

Six Villages, 500 Kids After two huge Women’s Impacts in Upper Egypt where thousands were touched and hundreds saved, our “Boots On The Ground” continue on with followup ministry. Just this week as the school season starts off in Egypt, the team organized and executed an outreach to six different villages in Upper Egypt. They … Continue reading Upper Egypt Village Outreach

Wonderful Story Out Of Iraq

Jack Harris Ministries

Pastor Layth Ibrahim- Praise Chapel Duhok

Dear Brothers and Sisters

I want to share a wonderful story with you. We had a family activity day at our church. Families gathered together to play table tennis, billiards, volleyball, and basketball. Our women supplied us with food for the occasion. Suddenly, two young men appeared and it was clear that they were very shy and embarrassed.

So I ran to them and asked, How can I help you guys?

Their answer was, We want a church. I pointed to our worship hall and offered to take them inside. When I opened the door, as they entered, their eyes and mouths were opened wide. They asked me if they could take some pictures of the big cross on the stage.

After they had finished taking pictures, with great joy on their faces, they said, Thank you, for allowing us to experience all this…

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An Outpouring and Spiritual Revolution Things are going wonderfully here, just as we hoped. Lots of salvations, healings and packed out services. Each day we’re meeting in different villages in the El Minia region of Upper Egypt. The response has been incredible so far. We opened with our Leadership meeting for the regional Pastors and … Continue reading IT’S EGYPT’S HOUR!


  I'm alive and well working feverously trying to drum up interest for our mission in Iraq and the Middle East. Currently I’m out in Florida with friends working on some ministry ideas for the future. Recently we were in Mexico ministering for our churches there, over 100 people came to know the Lord. Frankly, … Continue reading WHERE’S JACK HARRIS?