Women, Worship and Discipleship

PC Women’s Discipleship Service


Women, Worship and Discipleship

Praise Chapel – Al Qusiyah

Hi! I’m Jack Harris for Jack Harris Ministries & PC Missions with a quick update concerning the ongoing move of God in Al Qusiyah Upper Egypt.

250 women gather in two services held each Monday for a time of worship, encouragement and discipleship.

Women continue to play a vital and important part in GOD’S purpose for the future of Egypt and the whole of the Middle East.

On behalf of Pastor Rezek and the Church at Al Qusiyah, I want to thank each one of you who helped make this possible I supporting our work here.

This really is the Lords doing and it’s marvelous in our sight! Thanks again for supporting Jack Harris Ministries and PC Missions Middle East.

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A Victory Report concerning our Christian Family Relief Project in Egypt. This update shares the results of our two part objective in Upper Egypt. The first part, also successfully accomplished was to provide aid for the families in our church in Al Qusiyah. The second and larger task was to assist the Pastors, Evangelists and other local ministries we’re privileged to work with. These are the Churches that opened their doors to us when we first started the work in Egypt. These are established Churches in the region who are seriously working to evangelize the nation.

The Covid-19 quarantine shut down has seriously impacted these works and workers. Our goal is to provide necessary aid until recovery comes. This was one of the largest and most ambitious projects we’ve undertaken and to be frank, I wasn’t sure that we’d get much of a response because of our own domestic difficulties during this crisis. However, I felt an urgency concerning the needs of our people and friends in Egypt and knew that this crisis was presenting a major obstacle blocking the advancement of the unprecedented move of GOD taking place right now. All I could do was pray and present the need and leave the rest to the LORD.


As you’ll note in this video update, we actually met all of our goals. This report is just one of three and your response has made a significant impact for the Ministry of Christ in the Middle East.

I want you to know that I realize most of you who helped us gave out of your necessity not your abundance; which makes your liberality all the more meaningful. I thank you, as do our people in Egypt and Iraq. They’re comforted, knowing that we are standing with them in these difficult times.

With My Utmost Sincerity,
Jack Harris, PC Missions – Middle East



One of our families living in Baghdad was fire-bombed by a Shiite Militia group in the area. The device used to destroy their home wasn’t homemade, it was a military grade incendiary device typical of that used by terrorists.

The family escaped with their lives but lost everything to the fire. His mother, already suffering from a medical condition, was weakened considerably by the exposure to the smoke and fumes. She’s too weak to travel as the family is now forced to flee to Kurdistan in the North for protection.

The reason behind the targeting of this young man and his family is their conversion from Islam to Christianity. A couple of months ago this young man was saved in Duhok. He had a genuine “Born Again” experience with Christ and returned to his home and began sharing his experience with others of his community. The result was that a number of other families also came to believe. For this, his right to believe, to exercise Freedom of Religion, now a part of the Iraq Constitution, he and his family were targeted by radicals for death.


Kurdistan, in the north, has become a refuge for families such as these who’ve become the targets of Islamic Extremists who use their religion as a political weapon to instill fear and control those under their influence and reach. 

It’s a typical Hotel California situation; “You can check out anytime, but you can never leave.”

As the family flees the South, they come to the Kurdistan Region with nothing. We had two other families (former Muslim’s) who also had to flee their home with nothing but the clothes on their backs. They had to survive on the streets until we could get to them with help. Obviously, we’re not posting pictures for their protection but the photo below show their “Street Stove” for preparing their meals.

Street Stove.jpg

Pastor Layth, was able, despite the Covid-19 travel restrictions, to get to the city to where these families fled (undisclosed for now) and set them up with an apartment and basic necessities to make a new beginning as believers in the North. Thank GOD for the Kurdistan Autonomous Region.

We were able to respond to this need and that of our newest family, thanks to the generous support of all of you who have helped our Christian Family Relief project.


Our Fire-Bombed family is in transit to the North now. Pastor Layth and our Kurdistan team are making the necessary preparations for their arrival.

CONCLUSION: We saw this coming years ago and realized that Kurdistan would become a Safe Haven for Believers, now it’s happening pretty much as we anticipated it. This is why our presence and base in the Kurdish North is so vital for a Christian presence in a land that has sought its extinction.

Currently there are some events in motion that for securities sake we cannot publicly disclose at the moment. For now, let’s just say that something is happening in high places within the region and appears to be nothing short of miraculous. We’ll share more as it unfolds but for now it’s necessary that we not reveal the details.


Make no mistake about it, there’s a battle as never before for the soul of humanity. What we do or fail to do now will determine the future of our world. 

If you’ve not already done so, join in with us and help fight the good fight of faith. For those of you who have, THANK YOU for helping us hold the line.


Christian Family Relief Project: Video Update Pastor Rezek, Praise Chapel, Al Qusiyah, Upper Egypt

A Thank You Note From Upper Egypt Pastor Rezek, Praise Chapel, Al Qusiyah

I wanted to share this note with all of you who so generously stepped up to the plate to help relieve the hardship imposed on our people in Upper Egypt and Iraq by the ongoing Covid-19 quarantine. As I read Pastor Rezk’s (pronounced Rezek) heart-felt note to me, I thought, This isn’t for me, this is for all of those who sacrificed out their own necessity to help their Brothers and Sisters in the Middle East. Pastor Rezek has delivered, food, essential household necessities and other help to 150 FAMILIES in Al Qusiyah. This is the second delivery of this much needed relief and we’ll be able to provide for our people for several more weeks thanks to your generosity.

As you may know, these are working people with families just like your own, but this current world-wide quarantine has brought work and resources to an abrupt halt. This crisis will pass and there will be a recovery but until then, all of you who sacrificed to help relieve these precious people are indeed, Like Joseph, of old, saving his family from the famine that had gripped the world of his day.


He that hath pity upon the poor lendeth unto the Lord; and that which he hath given will he pay him again. -Proverbs 19:17

Dearest pastor Jack,

Real words from my heart. I always remember you in my prayers giving thanks to the Lord because of you. Your heart that is full of the love of Christ that appears clearly to us that we smell the fragrance of Jesus in you, like Joseph to the people of God in Egypt ages ago.

You are that Joseph to my people in Egypt in these so difficult days. We praise the Lord and give Him glory that He gave you such a heart. We pray for you, for your family, for your ministry, for your nation, for all those who support you.

Thank you..may the lord bless you and reward you – Ps Rezk, Upper Egypt


Gratefully Yours,

Jack Harris, PCGlobal Network (Jack Harris Ministries)

A Crisis Among Our Christians

We have an extreme hardship currently affecting our works in Northern Iraq and Upper Egypt.

It concerns our Christian Family, our fellow believers; the people we minister to, and labor together with, in the Middle East.

We’ve all felt the effects of the world-wide pandemic lockdown; But for some it’s far worse than for others. Such is the case in Upper Egypt and Northern Iraq. Here there are no subsidies, to help out while folks are forced to stay at home; jobs are lost and businesses are closed.

In Northern Iraq, our families have gone without an income for over four months. This is also true for the majority of our people in Upper Egypt.

We can’t help everybody, we’d like too, but we simply don’t have the resources. But we can relieve the 527 families we’re working with; that’s over 2108 people!


We want to supply these families with,

• Food packages and essential household goods

• Prescription Medicine Assistance

• School Supplies for the Kids


I feel it’s imperative that we show solidarity with our people overseas in these times. It’s more important than you may think.

Despite these difficult-times, we still live in one of the most Blessed economies on earth. My personal conviction is that we’re blessed as a nation because we’ve been a giving nation.

“Blessed is the Nation, whose God is The Lord.”

Psalms 33:12

Take a moment to respond and give as you will;




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(Iraq/Egypt or Middle East)


Thank You For Your Time And Consideration,

Jack Harris,

Praise Chapel Missions – PCGlobal Network

An Outbreak of another kind! Revival in Upper Egypt

PLAY VIDEO: https://vimeo.com/424390653


Praise Chapel Al Qusiyah in Upper Egypt continues to experience an outbreak of another kind, a Revival Outbreak! People are being saved, miracles are happening, the Church is reaching out into the local community and bringing relief to the poor families which have been especially hard hit but the quarantine lockdown. This short video will encourage those of you who are interested in what GOD is doing.

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Sometimes its crisis that brings out the best in people. This is certainly true of our workers in Iraq and Egypt. Like everyone else worldwide, they’re in a state of lockdown due to the quarantine. We’re all well aware of the hardship this presents in our own nation, but it’s much worse for those living in the poorer countries. For example, we’ve not been able to get funds to our people in N. Iraq since shortly before the outbreak of the pandemic. Our wire transfers keep coming back to us. This is because of complications with the intermediate Bank between our Bank and theirs. We’ve been trying to get this straightened out, but with no success so far. Our Bank here seems powerless to figure this out and of course the quarantine has made it all the more difficult. This technical problem presents an incredible hardship for our churches in Iraq. Yet, there’s not been one word of complaint from them, not one! I know they and their people are hurting, yet they carry on faithfully despite this and the other hardships they face due to the present crisis.

Here’s some brief notes that I just received from Iraq and Egypt. These simple updates encouraged my heart, I sincerely hope they’ll do the same for you.

Duhok, Kurdistan Northern Iraq: Pastors Layth & Ilham and Raad & Nada

We are 90 percent quarantined here in Kurdistan and there are no public services at all. We do manage to meet three times a week in small groups for Discipleship training. I meet with the other Evangelical Churches in the area by using ZOOM to uplift and encourage one another. I preach three times a week on Facebook. I’m also in constant contact with Pastor Rezek and our Church in Al Qusiyah in Upper Egypt. Our people are all well and carrying on. Our prayers are with all of you there in America.

Al Minya, Upper Egypt: Pastors Habib & Heyam

Hello Bro. Jack, Many thanks to you and our brethren in America for the relief you sent us. We were able to help over 72 pastors and their families in Cairo as well as 17 other people. We were able to help 45 people in Al Minya and another 10 people in Asuyt.

We are so thankful to God and all of you!

Al Qusiyah, Upper Egypt: Pastors Rezek & Neama

The Coronavirus isn’t the only outbreak in Upper Egypt, we’ve experienced an unprecedented response to the Gospel in the ancient city of Al Qusiyah. Though the quarantine has prevented public gatherings it hasn’t stopped the move of GOD! This touching note from Pastor Rezek was forwarded to me by Pastor Layth from Iraq.

Pastor Layth, Please, tell pastor Jack that we pray every day for America, Praise Chapel and for him. I also pray for you dear pastor Layth and all your family and the Church there in Iraq. 

I pause here for a moment of thanksgiving and reflection upon the quality of our people; both in Iraq and Egypt. They’re among the most exceptional people I’ve had the privilege to work alongside.

Of course the same thing can be said of all of you here on the home-front. Remember, your light shines at its brightest when things are at their darkest.

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in Heaven.”

Thank You! All of you! Our World needs you right now, as never before; to be just who you are, JESUS PEOPLE!

Jack Harris, PCGlobal Network

Coronavirus Hits Kurdistan

Airborne infectious viruses.

Mandatory Closure Of All Churches & Mosques

Fear is a powerful thing, and this latest virus threat has gripped the whole earth, it seems. I just received a notice from Pastor Layth that the Kurdistan Regional Government is taking precautions to prevent an epidemic by the closure of all public gatherings; this includes Churches and Mosques. As far as I know, this is an unprecedented action.

It started with a case of Coronavirus in Sulemania on the other side of Kurdistan, near the Iran border. There’s been no sign of it spreading, but the K.R.G. is taking no chances. Businesses are being closed, schools, all but the most essential gatherings. Pastor Layth told me that the Streets of Duhok are deserted. If I heard him correctly, Kurdistan has closed its borders, and the Capitol city of Erbil has put restrictions on travel there as well. The economic impact on the region is going to be considerable.

I read a report on the virus by the World Health Organization, which stated that 80 percent of those who contract the virus will recover with no medical attention at all; that its main danger is too small children, the elderly, and those affected with ill health. According to the W.H.O., the symptoms are milder than many of the flu viruses already out there. If this is true, one wonders at the reactions and the press this is getting. Perhaps it’s too early to tell what the impact of this virus will be on health, but the Fear of it is costing millions and throwing whole regions of the world into a meltdown of Fear and social paralysis. Before it’s said and done, it may prove that the Fear of the disease did more damage than the disease itself.

Nothing has ever caused us to close the doors of our church until now, not the insurgency, ISIS, the war in Syria, or other troubles foreign or domestic. What those forces couldn’t do has been accomplished by Fear. We’ve seen similar actions here in Seattle. Armed police guards were turning people away from the hospital if they had a cough or exhibited any apparent viral infections. Ignorant me! And here I always thought that the hospital was where sick people were supposed to go for help.

Pastor Layth has returned from Upper Egypt because of this closure of our church is dealing with the situation and holding up the morale of our people by broadcasting services via Facebook Live and organizing small home meetings until the crisis is past. Our team in Iraq has taken on this current challenge with both skill and ingenuity. Thank GOD for dedicated men and women who know how to respond in every crisis the region can throw at its people.

This situation is going to affect the already economically challenged region with even more hardship. I ask you to pray for the work in Kurdistan and our people. Please continue to help us with your support. We serve the GOD who works all things together for our good not the spirit of Fear. Somehow all this will work toward an ongoing victory in the Middle East.

Thank You!

Jack Harris, PC Global Network

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New PC Church In Egypt!

Revival Explosion in Upper Egypt

While in Cairo, Egypt, finishing his Master’s degree, Pastor Layth Ibrahim of Praise Chapel, Duhok, N. Iraq, met a man from Al Qusiyah in Upper Egypt. His name is Rezek; he was excited about what pastor Layth was sharing with him, concerning our vision for evangelism and revival in the Middle East. He said, Could you take some time to come to Al Qusiyah, I’d like to show you something there that I think you’d be very interested in seeing. Layth’s response was an immediate yes. When their business in Cairo finished, they left for Al Qusiyah.

Rezek and Ne’ ama, his wife, both work for the Egyptian Government. They’d started a small group in their city that suddenly blossomed into a genuine revival and an explosion of growth. Soon they had to rent two apartments in an old apartment building and had to remodel and join them to accommodate what God was doing. 

They’d been running the work with their own limited personal finances and were feeling the weight of the burden. They felt they were about as far as they could go by themselves. Then they met Layth.

Pastor Layth preached for them while he was there, and this ended in an invitation to come in and help them, which he accepted. They’ve since been working together back and forth between Egypt and Iraq with continued success.

Layth and Ilham are on their way this month to Al Qusiyah to work with the church there. They’ll stay there for one month at a time and then return to their church in Duhok. The plan is for them to travel back and forth to Egypt to establish this new Church in Al Qusiyah while Pastor Raad and his wife watch over the main church in Duhok and the new baby church in Zakho.

Rezek and Ne’ ama liked what we bring to the table. They and their people decided to become a part of PCglobal, making this our first Church Plant in Egypt. 

I want to be clear; our help was not contingent on this decision to join us, we’d have gladly helped anyway, but they’ve decided that they’d like to partner with PCglobal to reach all of Egypt. The revival here is unprecedented; this is the REAL THING!

VIDEO LINK: https://vimeo.com/385028841


Download your complimentary copy of our September, 2019 Special Report “Kurdistan Of Iraq” in printable PDF Format; I think you’ll find it an interesting & informative read.

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